White Horse Tattoo Studio


  • 48c/d High Street
  • Hungerford
  • Berkshire
  • RG17 0NE


  • 01488-683226
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Opening Hours

Tuesday 10.30am-3pm
Wednesday 10.30am - 5pm
Thursday 10.30am-5pm
Friday 10.30am-6pm
Saturday 10.30am-6pm

About us

We are a fully licensed studio, offering all styles of tattoo art, including Custom Work, Japanese, Traditional, Black & Grey, Tribal, Polynesian and Cover-ups!

You can bring along your own design, or we can design your tattoo for you - if you have any designs, pictures or ideas we can use them as a basis to design your tattoo exactly as you want it.​

The White Horse Tattoo studio is known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Origins of the Tattoo

Tattooing as an ancient rite of passage, passing through puberty into adulthood, was a common ritual. The idea is: if a girl can't take the pain of tattooing, she is un-marriageable, because she will never be able to deal with the pain of child birth. If a boy can't deal with the pain of a tattoo, he is considered to be a bad risk as a warrior.

Primitive people often got tattooed before an ordeal or dangerous enterprise.

For eons people have marked themselves with the signs of their totem animals in order to gain the strengths and abilities of the totem animal. On an inner level it shows that the bearer has a close and mysterious relationship with this guardian animal spirit. The Maori of New Zealand use tattooing as a rite of social status, as a person's Moko designs enhanced their prestige and shows the transition from one social status to another. Read more


Evelyn is skilled in all styles of tattooing, though particularly enjoys Black and Grey styles or more colourful Japanese.

Evelyn attended Art College studying Fine Art, Graphic Art and Ceramics. At 19 she moved to London where she met her future husband, who at that time was a tattoo artist. They travelled around Europe for a while tattooing the locals, and Evelyn soon learnt the trade. Following this period they spent a few years tattooing in the UK. After they separated Evelyn didn't tattoo again for many years.

In 1999 Evelyn's interest in tattooing was rekindled when she was asked to work for Steve Mitchell at his studio in Chippenham, however it wasn't until 2004 that Evelyn began to take up tattooing once again.​

Tattoo Removal

e-raze tattoo removal utilises a specially designed inorganic chemical remover which is applied in the same method as the original tattoo. It is designed to draw the tattoo pigment out of the skin, removing the unwanted tattoo.

e-raze Rejuvi tattoo remover has been developed specifically for the purpose of removing body tattoos and permanent cosmetics. It has the benefit of being a relatively low cost method of tattoo removal and is effectively able to address all professional tattoo ink colours without alteration or adjustment.Usually removal can be effected in less treatment sessions than all other methods bar surgery. It is also able to be used in circumstances where laser is not suitable or where other methods of tattoo removal have proven to be ineffective.