Bridge Street Antiques


  • 5a Bridge Street
  • Hungerford
  • RG17 0EH


  • 01488 686671
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About us

At the heart of Hungerford is Bridge Street and there, on the picturesque River Dun is Bridge Street Antiques. Small but spacious, it is home to a number of dealers offering a wide variety of antiques, curios and collectibles.

The shop opened on 2nd August 2014 and is the newest of its kind in the town. There are currently 15 dealers selling from Bridge Street Antiques with experience ranging from a couple of months to 50 years.


There is always a good selection of the following items available -

Prints & PaintingsSmall FurntiureLamps
Hunting CollectiblesShooting Collectibles Vintage Tweed

Thriving on the excitement of the hunt and the thrill of the deal, Patrick is constantly searching for interesting items to offer to the buyer at sensible prices. He always tries to maintain a good selection of stock including hunting & shooting accessories and collectibles, small pieces of furniture and taxidermy.

Patrick has been involved in the antiques trade since 1994 when he first start selling from Fanny's in Hungerford. Soon after he expanded and moved in to a unit at The Stables in Reading. Following the closure of these two establishments, Patrick continued to sell for a few more years at the IACF organised fairs.

Lured by the rewards of working in the city, antiques took a back seat and then he ceased to deal. Ten years later his passion for buying and selling was re-energised and he took a cabinet at The Emporium in Hungerford before moving in to his current home at Bridge Street Antiques