Barrs Yard opens for business

on 09 May 2017.

barrs yard opening 01

Five years of planning and hoop jumping came to fruition on Friday when Travers and Katie Nettleton opened Barrs Yard a brand new collective on the edge of Hungerford housing five unique and forward thinking businesses.

Describing the journey Travers said on Friday “There have been a lot of headaches on the way, applications and appeals as well as funding the whole project. Building as always has taken longer than we thought but we’re here now, all the units are occupied and I’m really pleased”

And so he should be, Travers and Katie’s vision of a gateway to Hungerford, a destination to bring visitors to the town was certainly living up to expectation at the packed launch on Friday. So the early adopters might not be the artisans initially envisaged but the stable includes Honesty Group, one of the areas freshest and most exciting food groups, Barnaby Smith’s new start-up “Grape Smith’s” with a novel approach to wine vending and personal stylist Jax Fanshawe who adds menswear to her already popular Jax Jeans brand. Originators Garden Art present a stylish new showroom linking to the outdoor setting.

The pioneering spirit could be seen as well as sensed. Any project of this type will have teething problems on launch night but the lack of internet and gas was not going to phase any of these new entrepreneurs. Despite having only 

barrs yard opening 01

  State of the art units

gained entry at  midday Jax Jeans was packed with eager shoppers all happy to patiently wait while the card machine was waved out of the back door to get a connection. On the fly, Grapesmith adopted a ‘pay by email tomorrow’ system while Honesty Group’s Tiago Figueiredo, never a fan of gas anyway, set light to few logs on the ground and served Mexican stew and vegetarian curry to the masses all evening.

There was a great sense of enthusiasm and anticipation amongst the attendees, peppered with other local retailers and business owners who welcomed the new look Yard. “This is great for Hungerford” commented Justin Cooke from OIL gallery, “It can only help boost the local offering and encourage more foot fall”.  

Cricket Fine Art too is a very welcome third art gallery in Hungerford.  Founed in 1996 by Leslie Pratt through nessesity at the time in her own home, Lesely unwittingly uncovered a marketing advantage in hanging art amidst the "pervasive art of domestic life". Visitors feel at ease with the paintings and able imaginatively to transmit them to their own houses.  The concept remains rooted in the design of her galleries, and each has the welcoming feeling of a furnished house. 

Barrs Yard is a beacon to the future for Hungerford that will take it way beyond a simple destination for antiques. It enhances the fantastic array of galleries and retailers presently on Bridge Street who comprise the best selection the Bond Street of Berkshire has seen for many years. Barrrs Yard’s arrival is timely and can help to encourage more businesses in to the High Street augmenting the selection of newer retailers and cafes already establishing and bedding down there. 

Meanwhile back at the Yard the eager PR team talk of interest from broadsheets and glossy country periodicals, “We’re spreading the word on social networks too”. As are we here at Townsite of this and of a brighter future for Hungerford, because when you get it right, people roll up in droves.

barrs yard opening 02

  Browsing at Jax Jeans

barrs yard opening 03

  Smiles at Jax Jeans

barrs yard opening 04

  To success!


barrs yard opening 05

  Visual stylist Carolina Ignatiuc caresses the merchandise.

barrs yard opening 06

  Bridge Street Bohemians.

barrs yard opening 07

  Vegetable curry from Honesty Group.

barrs yard opening 08

  Lining up at Grapesmith.

barrs yard opening 10

  Barnaby Smith with much needed support.

barrs yard opening 11

  Happy new parents taking a quick break.

barrs yard opening

  No gas? Light a fire.

barrs yard opening

  Good freinds MP Richard Benyon and Lord Coe.


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