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  • Fancy a bike ride?

    Monday, 23 December 2013.

    It’s only about an 1100 mile round trip. And it’s a week-long bike ride through some of the most wonderful countryside of England and France. ...

    Life-saving 'defibs' for Hungerford

    Thursday, 21 November 2013.

    Automatic External Defibrillators save lives. Chances of survival after cardiac arrest decrease by 23% per minute and according Community Heartbeat a ‘defib’ unit should be available within five ...

    Fantastic photos – this year’s Hungerford Camera Club awards winners

    Monday, 21 October 2013.

    Hungerford’s talented photographers have been recognised in this year’s camera club exhibition and the best have become award winners. For best picture in the entire exhibition, Janet Taylor won ...

    Hungerford townsite expanding

    Wednesday, 18 September 2013.

    In its first few weeks of being 'live', Hungerford Townsite's pages have welcomed many thousands of visitors (thank you!) and even though we are still developing the Townsite's full range of contents ...

    The voice of the silent majority

    Wednesday, 18 September 2013.

    As Hungerford's new district councillor James Podger starts his first term this month, he is resolved to be the voice of the silent majority: "The common sense majority seems to have little say whilst...

    You can get everything here...

    Friday, 23 August 2013.

    ...says Jon Snow! Everyone loves Hungerford High Street including, according to the Telegraph, Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow. In a recent Telegraph column Jon Snow declared that: “Hungerford...

    Hungerford - A great to place to live and visit

    Thursday, 08 August 2013.

    It seems we really do love Hungerford – according to a recent survey of town centre users over 90% of us think that Hungerford looks great....
    BMW donated for a good cause
    SWIFT Medics are trained volunteer pre-hospital emergency care doctors who attend road traffic accidents and medical emergencies in Wiltshire when an incident is so serious that the NHS ambulance team needs the help of an appropriately qualified Doctor at the scene.

    Blissed-out at Inglewood
    You know when your trusted hairdresser of ten years tells you he’s found a good spa that you need to sit up and take notice.

    Why live in Hungerford?
    Those of us who live here don't have to think twice, we love it and, you've had a job to persuade us to go elsewhere.

    Townsite Goes to Marlborough
    After a year in the planning, Townsite Marlborough has just gone live! The success of the Hungerford Townsite prompted Marlborough residents and businesses to ask us when we could do the same for their gorgeous and quintessentially English market town.

    Walks in around Hungerford
    Walking in the beautiful areas of outstanding natural beauty in and around Hungerford is a very special experience. Throughout the summer, we will be publishing details of some of the best and favourite walks in the town and its surrounding villages and countryside