People behind progress

on 28 May 2018.

people behind progress

Hidden away amongst the people of Hungerford are a 13 strong team of dedicated councillors, all giving their time and bringing invaluable experience to the progress of the town. The role of a councillor involves dedication, passion and commitment as people from all walks of life bring their knowledge and specialist skills into a myriad of activities such as maintaining the town’s recreation facilities, planning events and supporting tourism.

We’d love you to meet some of the wonderful people who volunteer their time to make Hungerford a better place for all to live in:

Meet John Downe, who joined the council in December 2017. He is a member of 2 board committees and has recently become Chair of the Hungerford 2036 Project team, which aims to create a Neighbourhood Plan for our area. Not shy of a challenge, he is currently having a new home built for him and his wife in Hungerford. He enjoys country walks and (nothing too strenuous) and cycling in the surrounding area.

Meet Mark Cusack, a local man and academic who joined the council in January 2018. He is passionate about equality, creating opportunities in education and helping the most vulnerable in society. In his spare time, he enjoys looking after his gorgeous new black pug, who is brimming with personality!

Meet Helen Simpson, a local girl, who grew up just across the county line in Great Bedwyn. She is passionate about becoming a voice for the town, having worked and lived in the area all of her life. She is currently working to create a cleaner, smarter high street and more facilities for the younger members of the community. She believes in engaging the community on town issues and protecting the diverse and unique place that she feels lucky to live in.

You can find out more about the councillors and the great work that Hungerford Town Council do by visiting their website.

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Those of us who live here don't have to think twice, we love it and, you've had a job to persuade us to go elsewhere.

Compared to many towns, Hungerford High Street is in good shape. It is better now than it has been for years...

Walking in the beautiful areas of outstanding natural beauty in and around Hungerford is a very special experience.

Next time you visit Littlecote House keep a wary eye out for ghosts. That black dog you see on the stairs may not be all it seems!

Enjoy your visit and don't foget to let us know how it went