Antiques mean business for all!

on 20 May 2013.

Visitors from all over the world are drawn to Hungerford by its prominence as a leading UK antiques centre.

And visitors, of course, mean business for all of the town so, in line with the Hungerford Town Plan to promote ‘tourism’ into the town and area, Hungerford Townsite will regularly feature antiques and experts from the many antique shops and dealers we have.

Hungerford Townsite’s reach is far and wide and using social media marketing and strategic links, these features will be seen by a vast audience of potential customers.

And every participating antiques business will have its own microsite right here on Hungerford Online from which they can sell direct, market, promote and contribute information and articles of interest for everyone who visits.

The Burns Night sell-out event is back in 2018
This year's Burns Night supper is set to be full of fun and frolics as we remember the life and poetry of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Let's get serious
Ever mindful of keeping the people of Hungerford entertained and up with latest from the literary world, The Hungerford Bookshop stage a regular series of events which invite brilliant authors to discuss topical matters.

BMW donated for a good cause
SWIFT Medics are trained volunteer pre-hospital emergency care doctors who attend road traffic accidents and medical emergencies in Wiltshire when an incident is so serious that the NHS ambulance team needs the help of an appropriately qualified Doctor at the scene.

In conversation with Masterchef’s Ollie Hunter
Ollie Hunter is a local celebrity after reaching the semi-finals of Masterchef 2013, a programme that attracts around 5 million viewers.

Blissed-out at Inglewood
You know when your trusted hairdresser of ten years tells you he’s found a good spa that you need to sit up and take notice.

Townsite Goes to Marlborough
After a year in the planning, Townsite Marlborough has just gone live! The success of the Hungerford Townsite prompted Marlborough residents and businesses to ask us when we could do the same for their gorgeous and quintessentially English market town.

Walks in around Hungerford
Walking in the beautiful areas of outstanding natural beauty in and around Hungerford is a very special experience. Throughout the summer, we will be publishing details of some of the best and favourite walks in the town and its surrounding villages and countryside