Getting to know you… Cobbs, much more than a farm shop

on 28 June 2018.

cobbs farm shop

As you walk into Cobbs newly refurbished and extended café, it’s easy to see why this business is thriving. The natural wooden benches, pendant lights and ample seating extend onto a beautiful sun terrace where staff are quick with service (and a smile) as you walk through the door.

The café, which I would describe as rustic chic, features a mouth-watering array of breakfasts, brunches, sandwiches and main courses, all made with Cobbs high-quality butchers meat as well as perhaps the creamiest cappuccino I’ve had outside of Italy!

You could be forgiven in thinking that this is all that Cobbs have to offer, had you not navigated through a delight of artisan cuisine,from home-grown fruits to quirky local cheeses, freshly baked breads and tantalising antipasti.

The shop is a maze of flavours and colours, with friendly staff waiting at each turn. They have an in-house butchers, fishmongers and florists as well as their own home-grown, Internationally award-winning Alder Ridge wine, what more could you want?

This isn’t just a pretty façade however, as Cobbs is very much a living farm, with seasonal events such as their pick-your-own berries, pumpkin carving and even home-grown Christmas trees!

Cobbs really is a destination for all the family with their purpose built two-tier play barn for children up to 8 years, which features dress up, a big yellow swirling slide galore and its own relaxing café where tired mums and dads can enjoy a decent cuppa as well as delicious food and cakes.

It really isn’t possible to do this place justice in a day, you will be coming back, time and again to discover more at this truly remarkable farm.

Find out more about Cobbs and their upcoming events here.

cobbs farm shop cobbs farm shop cobbs farm shop
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Getting to know you… Cobbs, much more than a farm shop
As you walk into Cobbs newly refurbished and extended café, it’s easy to see why this business is thriving.

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Compared to many towns, Hungerford High Street is in good shape. It is better now than it has been for years...

Walking in the beautiful areas of outstanding natural beauty in and around Hungerford is a very special experience.

Next time you visit Littlecote House keep a wary eye out for ghosts. That black dog you see on the stairs may not be all it seems!

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