Be a food waste champion

on 25 November 2013.

7 million tonnes of food and drink thrown away in a year. Each household averagely discards 110kg of food each year. Waste food costs the UK economy £12.5bn a year – and the damage to the environment is potentially even more costly.

So it is makes very good sense to learn more about food waste and how to avoid it. HEAT, Hungerford’s Environmental Action Team is planning to hold free training in association with WRAP and the Love Food Hate Waste organisations. The training will concentrate on food waste reduction methods and ideas, how to save money by saving waste and to lesrnm the facts about how saving on food waste really does help the environment.

The 3.5 hour interactive and, we are told, fun-filled training workshop is scheduled for early in the New Year is open to anyone who is interested, especially people who deal with food at home, at work or in the community and who can and will pass on the information to others.

If you’d like to become a food waste champion, please let the HEAT tem know by emailing them at or simply let us know at ‘Contact Us’ and we’ll pass your interest on.

Become a Food Waste Champion - free training

Food waste is a major issue, not only costing us money but it's really bad for the environment too. WRAP/Love Food Hate Waste are offering us free training. If you're interested in getting involved, want to reduce your food waste, save money on shopping and help the environment, drop us an email. The workshop will be held in the New Year, it will be fun, interactive and will last 3.5 hours.


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