Landscape and Biodiversity

on 15 April 2013.

Hunger Environmental Action Team aims to preswerve and enhance the biodiversity of the Hungerford area.

Landscape and Biodiversity

  • Our aim is to re-establish the connection between Hungerford and the surrounding countryside;
  • Carry out a biodiversity audit using nationally approved methodology and
  • Raise awareness and ensure considerate developments

Subsidiary and supporting aims

  • To re-establish the connection between Hungerford and the surrounding countryside
  • To audit local biodiversity using nationally approved methodology and to identify significant changes
  • To encourage and support local landowners and managers in their attempts to increase biodiversity
  • To ensure that future developments in the area do not damage biodiversity
  • To raise awareness of local biodiversity in Hungerford

Short-term actions

  • Establish a network of footpaths in the countryside around Hungerford. Where possible these will be circular with current gaps being filled in by ‘permissive footpaths’.
  • Identify a ‘champion’ for each footpath who will be responsible for ensuring it remains open, for liaising with landowners/managers to secure permissive paths to allow a circular route, and for organising walks along the path at least once a year.
  • Publish a guide to the footpaths using funding raised from local business and so on.
  • Establish a fund to support the work- for example construct fencing on ‘permissive sections’ of the paths.
  • Start to collate a biodiversity audit of the area around Hungerford.

Medium/Long-term actions

  • Develop at least one footpath as an all ability access route (wheelchairs, prams etc)
  • Link with the HEAT Food group to promote locally sourced food
  • Link with the HEAT Transport group to develop a linked urban and rural footpath network.
  • Adopt a nationally approved method (for example the landscape audits of Council for the Protection of Rural England) to routinely audit the local biodiversity
  • Hold a public meeting to increase local awareness of biodiversity and its importance.

For more information please just send a message using the 'Contact Us' button and we will send you all the details.



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