Ghosts at Littlecote House

on 23 April 2014.

Next time you visit Littlecote House keep a wary eye out for ghosts. That black dog you see on the stairs may not be all it seems!

No-one knows who’s dog it was or where it came from. But try to stroke it and your hand will pass straight through, so rumour says.

Happily the dog is not alone. Littlecote House is the third most haunted house in the country. It’s all down to dastardly ‘Wild Will Darrell’ who owned Littlecote in the 1500s and who came to grisly death when thrown from his horse at Darrell’s Stile in 1587.

But it isn’t only Wild Will who walks the corridors of Littlecote. There is also a ‘phantom mother’ who’s baby was murdered on a roaring open fire, allegedly by Wild Will, in the presence of a local blindfolded midwife who had just delivered the child from its masked mother.

Although pieces of material torn from the bed and curtains by the midwife later proved to be from the same room where the tragedy happened, Wild Will walked free from court only to meet his death – and some say divine justice – at Darrell’s Stile. But Wild Will still walks at Littlecote.

Now some say that the tragic mother was actually Wild Will’s sister – whoever she was she has been seen many times since too as, has the poor midwife. In 1970, a visiting journalist saw midwife carrying a baby in the haunted bedroom.

A woman in blue has been see walking straight through a rope barrier on the house’s old staircase and the sound of a crying baby has been heard coming from the haunted bedroom.

Former Littlecote owner Peter de Savary had ghostly telling-off by a woman who told him ‘no good would come to him’ if he didn’t return to the chapel a box he had removed for sale. The she just disappeared. Peter returned the box of course but couldn’t resist a peek – it contained baby clothes.

Now, Littlecote House is a glorious place to go. Enjoy great food in its Oliver’s Bistro or Popham restaurant, luxuriate in its spa or indulge in a cream tea in the historic house and the only spirits you’ll encounter will be in the Kennet Bar. Unless you see a black dog or a woman in blue…

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