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    Is it because we Hungerford folk are pretty demanding in the food and drink department? Is it because of many thousands of national and international visitors expect the widest variety and best of meals when they are here? Or is because Hungerford can boast fine food and drink for any pocket that makes it just a good place for residents and visitors alike to eat and drink.

    Our special food shops, our cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels set high standards of quality and choice and competition keeps it that way.

    Then there our local food and drink producers – giving us some of the most glorious ingredients any home cook or professional chef could ask for.

    In this Food and Drink Channel, Hungerford Townsite will give all our eateries, ‘drinkeries’ and retailers an opportunity to tell us not only all the reasons we should be their customers but also to share their knowledge, tips, recipes, news and special events or offers. And as we have some very special chefs from take-away snacks and meals to very posh nosh indeed, their gust blogs should be every bit as interesting and exciting as their food!

  • Spring has sprung at Blandy’s bistro with a tantalising new Easter menu!

    Monday, 19 March 2018.

    Blandy’s bistro is one of the best kept secrets for elegant dining in Berkshire. Tucked away in the grounds of beautiful Inglewood, it boasts sumptuous dining in a breath-taking setting, ideal for...

    In conversation with Masterchef’s Ollie Hunter

    Monday, 09 October 2017.

    Ollie Hunter is a local celebrity after reaching the semi-finals of Masterchef 2013, a programme that attracts around 5 million viewers. This down-to-earth local lad reveals all about The Masterche...

    French & continental market Hungerford July 19th

    Tuesday, 30 June 2015.

    French & continental market traders set for first visit to Hungerford town centre. SUMMER is here, and with it come the usual intoxicating colours, scents and sights associated with this time o...

    Hungerford apple juice - Now on sale

    Tuesday, 26 November 2013.

    Yes, Hungerford’s very own labelled apple juice is now on sale. In the time after those sunny late summer days of the Hungerford Food Festival the local ‘My Apple Juice Project’ has pressed tho...

    The Three Swans head chef wins top prize

    Friday, 16 March 2018.

    Adrian Carolea was beaming from ear-to-ear as we interviewed him about his success at the Coaching Inn awards, where he was presented with “Head Chef of the year” at the 2018 ceremony. He co...

    Liz Earle MBE on wellbeing, farming and being a mum

    Monday, 09 October 2017.

    Best known for her passion for natural health and wellbeing, Liz Earle is a best-selling author, established TV presenter, entrepreneur and a farmer. She lives with her husband and five children on...

    Affordable organic products come to Hungerford

    Wednesday, 18 February 2015.

    If, like many of us you long to shop organic but find the cost prohibitive, then the Hungerford Environmental Action Team (HEAT) has the answer. ...

    Ladies Who Brunch...

    Tuesday, 13 August 2013.

    Ladies Who Brunch became The Mad Hatters at The Halfway Inn – this group of ladies meet regularly for a spot of brunch and each event supports a charity; this time the ladies learned all abo...

    A life in the day of a Michelin Star Chef

    Friday, 03 November 2017.

    Michelin Star Chef, Sommelier and general entrepreneur Roger Jones reveals his secrets for Michelin Star quality at his restaurant The Harrow at Little Bedwyn in this exclusive interview with Ginnie D...

    Eliane by Night

    Tuesday, 25 October 2016.

    Fans of food with integrity who have been pleading with Eliane's to open in the evenings are finally getting their wish. Hungerford's most immaculately healthy (and most attractively staffed - where...
    Getting fruity with the Tutti Men
    The Tutti men went above and beyond duty this year to collect their kisses; symbolic of the tradition of collecting rent from the commoner’s houses owned by the John O' Gaunt estate, as one was seen claiming a ladder to fashion one!

    Your business, new horizons in 2018
    The biggest threat to any business is inertia, if you’re not moving forward then you’re at risk of slipping back and in today’s competitive markets that just isn’t an option.

    Championing children’s charities for 2018
    Berkshire is home to some truly fantastic causes. We have some “outstanding” local schools and nurseries that are doing vital work to raise the next generation...

    Writers wanted
    Do you have the writing bug? We’re looking for writers able to create informative and engaging content for our locally based websites, to include both commercial and community pieces.

    The Three Swans head chef wins top prize
    Adrian Carolea was beaming from ear-to-ear as we interviewed him about his success at the Coaching Inn awards, where he was presented with “Head Chef of the year” at the 2018 ceremony.

    Spring workshops at Martin and the Magpie
    Martin and the Magpie have become a treasured asset to Hungerford town since they graced our high street some 8 years ago.

    18 idyllic championship holes
    Once considered the preserve of retired bank managers, the game of golf has been re-branded for a new generation and not only now has mass appeal, but in certain quarters is even considered quite groovy

    Blissed-out at Inglewood
    You know when your trusted hairdresser of ten years tells you he’s found a good spa that you need to sit up and take notice.

    Your library is about so much more than books
    Judging from the amount of community activity going in Hungerford Library, the council are going to have a hard time justifying its closure in their next round of swingeing cuts.

    Townsite Goes to Marlborough
    After a year in the planning, Townsite Marlborough has just gone live! The success of the Hungerford Townsite prompted Marlborough residents and businesses to ask us when we could do the same for their gorgeous and quintessentially English market town.

    Walks in around Hungerford
    Walking in the beautiful areas of outstanding natural beauty in and around Hungerford is a very special experience. Throughout the summer, we will be publishing details of some of the best and favourite walks in the town and its surrounding villages and countryside