• 24 High Street
  • The Courtyard
  • Hungerford
  • Berkshire
  • RG17 0NF


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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.30
Saturday 9.00 to 5.30
Sunday 10.00 to 5.00

About us

Made and served with love

Food and drink that is good for the body and good for the soul has to be fun too – and Eliane’s relaxed, happy environment makes breakfast (all freshly cooked to order), morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea or even high tea (with champagne tea coming soon) a joy.

The Eliane look is comfortable is tasteful with English fabrics and genuine Lloyd Loom furniture. The open kitchen inspires confidence and the service always comes with a smile. Here you can be both indulgent and indulged. Here you’ll be served excellent coffee, fine tea from Jeng (the tea selected by Heston Blumenthal for his restaurants), a superb array of fresh foods, paninis, snacks and scrumptious pasties and cakes.


eliane Header

Happy place to meet and eat and it’s very good for you too

When her husband was diagnosed with cancer, Rafia Willmott put her considerable food knowledge and expertise into therapeutic practice: “The right diet is essential for recovery, to restore good health and to stay healthy.”

It worked. Rafia’s husband is now fit and well and Rafia is serving her beneficial food to all of us.

‘Eliane’ is Rafia’s new Hungerford coffee shop and restaurant. There’s nothing cranky here, just a great deal of healthy deliciousness. Elaine’s focus is to offer good food and drinks which are good for us.

Hungerford's own

“The café coffee-shop restaurant is a hugely popular place everywhere now, there are many of the big brand names on most High Streets so I saw an opportunity for Hungerford to have its own speciality coffee-shop but with a big difference.

The difference is that although, at Eliane, we offer similar menus to the big names, everything we serve is free from the ‘hidden nasty’s’ like preservatives and other chemicals you get in the mass distributed foods well-known outlets,” says Rafia.

Oragnic, ethically sourced and FRESH

Everything on the menu at Eliane (where Azuza used to be by The Bookshop and Arcade) is fresh, it is freshly prepared and cooked and it is all organic and ethically sourced wherever possible.

“The bigger chains have to distribute their foodstuffs and that means they have to add preservatives to maintain freshness and shelf-life. We don’t. And if and of our ingredients come in with some preservative covering we wash it all thoroughly in a blend of salt and vinegar to remove all traces of anything unnatural.”

Pure and unrefined

Rafia’s attention to detail in everything served at Eliane shows throughout the menu. “We cook only with coconut oil which doesn’t change taste or even go rancid when very hot as other oils do; all our herbs and spices are fresh, the salt we use is pure and unrefined and even our paninis, which look just the same, are actually made organically,” says Rafia.

Rafia’s experience in restoring her husband’s health has led her to consider the various health needs of her customers too: “We create cakes and biscuits which are just as mouth-watering as any others but ours are also suitable for people with allergies, who have diabetes or even, like my husband, have more serious illnesses.”

Our view

We believe in supporting local business produce-suppliers as much as possible and that the genuine personal approach to doing trade is far better.

We love prefer doing business with people closer to home... it just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside

Events and catering

For all event catering requirements in and around Hungerford, we have a vast range of dishes that we can create for you and a catering menu that is exciting and seasonal so simply drop us an email and we’ll be happy to go through all the options we have for you and provide a quote you’ll be smiling from!

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