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Regular meetings and events

Town Council meetings are held in public – usually on the first Monday evening of each month. We are led by our Mayor and supported by the Town Clerk, whose role is to administer the Council's business and to ensure that our business is conducted within the law. The Clerk is often the first point of contact for the Council.

About Us

About us

The Town Council is just one part of local government in Berkshire, but is the part closest to the people and represents residents at a local community level.

We try to work in partnership with West Berkshire Council and our District Councillors, although we always maintain our independence from them and ‘fight our corner’ if there are differences in our views and decisions. West Berkshire Council is responsible mainly for strategic services such as highways, education, planning, environmental health and refuse collection.

In Hungerford, our powers and duties cover many of the things that people might take for granted – things such as the care and maintenance of many of our public areas, sport and recreation sites, rights of way and cemeteries, and in putting up the official Christmas decorations in the town. Importantly, Hungerford Town Council can set the precept, which is the Council’s demand for an amount to be included in your council tax each year to manage facilities and services for local people.

One of our most important roles though is to try to represent the views and concerns of all local residents on issues that might impact on the community, such as planning applications.


Councillors are elected for four years and in this time should be taking action on many things that affect the town and the community such as:

  • advising on land which is suitable for industrial or residential development; campaigning for better road safety and reducing the fear of crime;
  • providing representation at local planning enquiries;
  • raising concerns about rural transport services;
  • providing a liaison between other local authorities or official bodies.

What should also be expected of us as your Council are constructive agendas, encouragement of open debate, and constant efforts to find new ways of getting people involved.

Your councillors are a group of volunteers who work together to make decisions and produce plans for the greater community benefit. We are keen to listen to the views of others, getting broad agreement on the best way forward and being jointly responsible. We also wish to channel our enthusiasm, skills and knowledge for the benefit of the whole community of Hungerford.

Here and Now

Crisis in the High Street?

The decision to close Martin’s the Newsagent will rip the heart out of our High Street and the inevitable fall in footfall will impact hard upon many other establishments in the town unless this gap in our retail outlets is not closed quickly.

In what appeared at first to be a management ploy to gain better terms from the Landlord as their Lease was due to be renewed in April has proved to be a false hope. Instead the number crunchers in Martin McColl’s HQ have done their sums and no doubt with the prospect of higher Business rates, concluded that the shop was no longer viable.

Some might be surprised that with over 1,000 customers per week visiting the in-house Post Office that it would have generated sufficient income. But clearly those customers did not purchase much in the other side of the operation. Perhaps the fact that most of this stock could be bought in many other shops in town and with no unique high value, high profit items, was the root cause of the demise. What has been of the highest value in the store is the level of personal service provided by Rose and her colleagues and our hearts and best wishes go out to them along with our grateful thanks for their endearing efforts.

Our town is in a relatively affluent area and I have little doubt that the central location of the shop will attract many but it will be a challenge to ensure that it will be best suited to our needs. What would be your choice of use for the premises?

Post office to close 21 April

The era of Crown Post Offices in all towns is long since gone and each Post Office has to face up to fierce economic scrutiny. Whilst there is no obligation to have a Post Office in this town, we have established that we shall have the service renewed in due course. This means that it likely that there could be a “break in service” for several months unless our(the Council) negotiations already started, can produce an “outreach” provider. Details of such a service are at an early but promising stage and the result depends on a number of variables. Our immediate aim is to have this service sited in the Library complex. Clearly there are many hurdles to clear not the least of which will be the administrative maze of West Berks Council.

The Library

As many will know, even though West Berks Council has decided to implement Option A for the West Berks libraries, they have acknowledged that our variation on this plan – now deemed Option D - is worthy of further investigation. Perhaps the prospect of having a Post Office in the building may even add weight to our case. If you will excuse the pun, we shall keep you posted on developments and will ensure that it is on the Agenda for our Annual Public Meeting scheduled for Thursday 23rd March in the Corn Exchange. Put it in your diary.

You can contact the council by letter: The Library, Church Street, Hungerford, RG17 0JG

phone: 01488 686195 e-mail: or visit the office.

Croft Field Activity Centre

The facilities at the Croft Field Activity Centre include:

  • A main room with Kitchenette
  • A second room for hire
  • A large field which is used for outside activities and overnight camping
  • Toilets and Showers

If you would like to book the centre for an event, please find the appropriate letting form below and email the completed form to

For further information please call Hungerford Town Council on 01488 686195, or email to check availability.

Hire Charges

Booking form



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