Hungerford Lodge of Freemasons

Hungerford Lodge No 4748


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Regular meetings and events

We meet in the Newbury Masonic Centre, on the third Tuesday in February, March, April, October and November and the second Tuesday in December. Most meetings start at 6pm but are members only.

Visiting freemasons should contact the secretary ahead of the meetings.

About Us

So you thought that the Freemasons were a secret society? Well we have been part of the Hungerford community since 1925.

We have raised thousands of pounds for charities and local organisations such as the Great Bedwyn Swings and Slides, the Hungerford Town Band, the Bruce Trust and many others.

See our Benevolent Asociation page for more detail.

New Members

We're always looking for new candidates for membership. You do not need to wait for an invitation. If you're interested in Freemasonry and are thinking of joining a Masonic Lodge and live in or around Hungerford then please either email us or DM us @HungerfordLodge on Twitter

‘The only requisite we have for joining the Freemasons is that they are people of integrity, honesty, fairness and kindness who believe in a supreme being,’ explains Nigel Brown, Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England.

‘We welcome people of all races and religions with different social and economic backgrounds. This kind of openness, and the fact that Freemasonry is a non-religious and non-political organisation means that the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Israel is a Palestinian, and that is because the decency and morality of our members is of paramount importance.’ (originally published here)


What is Involved

Our Lodge meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday in October, November, February, March and April and the 2nd Tuesday in December. Like any organisation, there is a business element with minutes, accounts and plans for forthcoming events and charity activities to be addressed and discussed amongst members.

A very important part of each meeting is a report on the welfare of members who are not able to be present, together with their family's wellbeing. Lodge meetings are also ceremonial and involve a series of formalised and symbolic presentations (similar to short plays) that use drama to highlight the codes of conduct by which a Freemason strives to live. The final part of the meeting usually involves members sharing an enjoyable meal together, known as a Festive Board.

As well as our regular Lodge meetings (6 times a year), we also have a Lodge of Instruction which meets once a month on the 1st Monday (except Bank Holidays) September to May and July. This is an opportunity to come along, participate and learn more about the ritual in a more relaxed setting. Your attendance at the Lodge of Instruction is expected as you progress through the various offices within the Lodge.


Once a year we organise a barbecue at the home of one of our members during the summer. This is a chance to socialise with our partners and also invite non-masonic friends along.

You should also consider the financial commitment. As with all organisations, annual fees are expected of members but these are reasonably priced. Our current annual membership fee is £130. There are also additional costs associated with the Festive Board. There is also an expectation of contributions to charitable funds but it is stressed that these are according to a member's means. Again, no one should undertake membership which may adversely affect his family, employment or any other non-Masonic commitments.

Membership of a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) is open all to men of good character aged 21 or over who have been proposed by two members. The final decision rests with the members of the individual Lodge. A Freemason may join more than one Lodge and, once a member, may visit other Lodges as a guest - so a change of home or job should not necessarily cause difficulties.


The UK's second largest donor to charity

All donations from the Freemasons come from our own members, we do not collect from the general public. Did you know that at a national level, Freemasons are the second biggest donor to charity - we are only beaten by the National Lottery!

Freemasons in the UK donated £30 million to charitable causes last year alone, but as a Freemason does not ask for thanks or reward, it means that very few people know about our charitable donations, even though they are on such a large scale. For instance, we are the main donors to The Royal College of Surgeons, funding much of their research and donate generously to the Red Cross.

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Freemasons' Grand Charity donates £100,000 to Prior's Court

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