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About us

Could you be a volunteer driver?

If you could be, or even if you would just like some more information please contact the CHAIN OFFICE at Unit 9 (back of Russell Marshall), 19 High Street, Hungerford. Justup Church Road and turn in past the Toy Shop. If you are reading this between 9 am & 10.45 Monday to Friday, go on, call into the office now. It only costs you your time! Or else telephone 01488 683727

We are just one of the eleven Volunteer car schemes in West Berkshire, and CHAIN covers our Hungerford area.We need drivers like you to help those people who are unable to use public transport to get to appointments of all kinds such as to the Doctors, clinics, the opticians,dentists, hospitals, day centre or to a Care home to visit their loved ones. We also have a special vehicle for wheel-chair users.

FAQ’s……………made SIMPLE

I’m only free on certain days, can I still volunteer?

Of course you can, and even then if something crops up you just say ‘’Sorry not able to do that day.’’ SIMPLE!

Will I have to drive to places I don’t like?

Of course not, you just say that you can do this or that journey, or say ‘’Sorry don’t want to go there.’’ SIMPLE!

Am I too old (or young) to drive?

Of course not, although you might want to call it a day when you reach say 80 years young! SIMPLE!

What about the extra fuel I’m using?

Our car scheme offers out of pocket petrol or diesel expenses, at this time it is .40p. per mile. We use an easy claim form. SIMPLE!

Arrh! What about my insurance?

Most insurance companies when you tell them that you are ‘not driving for gain’ do not charge. SIMPLE!

Will my bad back mean I can’t help?

CHAIN’s volunteers are not allowed to lift their passengers, they might need a supportive arm though. SIMPLE!

If the passengers use / need a wheelchair then we have a special vehicle for their transportation. SIMPLE!

So all the questions you had are so SIMPLE to answer, why don’t you SIMPLY go and offer your help?

I did for two very SIMPLE reasons.

ONE day I might need the services of a CHAIN VOLUNTEER (like you), and TWO, I am giving back to our HUNGERFORD a little something that costs me NOTHING but a bit of TIME. Go on you can do it too.

SIMPLY call CHAIN today.

If you would like to have a trial run before committing yourself further to CHAIN, pleasecontact the office and they will be delighted to arrange it for you.

So to volunteer please click on the index on the left on CONTACTS and then select details on Car Driving or Handybus or Chairman vehicle.

A. Driver

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