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About us

Handy Bus

How We Operate – We are quite different from a normal bus service. The Handybus is set up to take ‘worthy groups of people’ from their doorsteps to specific destinations.

Such groups are the elderly, infirm, charities, worthy causes such as Churches, the Town Band, Scouts etc. Each group has a co-ordinator who defines the passenger list. If you are interested in a particular trip contact the co-ordinator who will then explain the trip and, if space is available, arrange for you to be picked up by the driver.

Kintbury Schedule – The KVG drivers run weekly shopping trips to Hungerford and Newbury and monthly to Marlborough.

Special Trips - There are also opportunities for special ‘one off’ trips for shopping, a half or full day out to a place of interest – just contact me as the overall Handybus organizer. Weekdays are tight but we are free most evenings and weekends for special trips – but we rely on finding a willing driver!

Special Needs – We have the ability to take one or two wheelchairs. We can also use the rear tail lift to help people get on board without using the steps.

Run by Volunteers – All our drivers are friendly local volunteers. They are trained for this work. Currently we have just enough drivers but if you are interested then please contact us. However we have a need for ‘Conductors’ who help people on and off the bus and collect contributions. They also provide extra cover for health and safety. If interested please click CONTACTS on the left and look at Handybus contact line for Hungerford.

Affordable - As the Handybus is mostly funded by West Berkshire Council the suggested contributions are very affordable. However, we are not a cheaper alternative to private hire and taxis. It is part of our contract that we do not compete with existing public transport or private hire/taxis. So boozy nights out are not covered! Contributions are by cash, or Free Bus Passes.

The Handybus is operated by both Hungerford CHAIN and Kintbury Volunteer Group (KVG) .

The Handybus is a community service designed mainly for those who cannot use public tran-sport, have special needs or charities. Please make sure it is well used as most trips have some empty seats. If you have a requirement not covered pleasemgive the Handybus contact a call, we usually find a solution.

"A special Journey"

Just one of our special journeys is highlighted here:- Billie’s Bus……. On a Friday afternoon every 4 or 5 weeks Billie’s Bus goes on a shopping trip from Hungerford to Newbury. For £2 or your West Berks Bus pass, you are collected from your front door and join 10 other Ladies (at the moment) for a shopping trip to Newbury.

The Handybus arrives at Camp Hopson’s car park approx. 2pm and then you have a two hour stay. The driver is often back aboard the bus by 3pm so if you are feeling tired or spent too much you can return to it! We leave Camp’s at 4 pm. and sometimes take a scenic route back to Hungerford to deliver you to your front door by 5 pm.

If you would like to have a trial run before committing yourself further to CHAIN, please contact the office and they will be delighted to arrange it for you.

For further details please click CONTACTS on the left and look at Handy bus contact line for Hungerford or Kintbury.

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