Chairman's Vehicle

About us

Did you know CHAIN has a ‘Chairman’? This is a specially adapted vehicle for use by people confined to a wheelchair, whereby the wheelchair, complete with passenger, is rolled into the back of the car and taken wherever they need to go. It accommodates one other passenger and one more on a rather small seat..

The ‘Chairman’ is well used and most days is booked for regular weekly trips, visits to the Stroke Clubs in Newbury and Marlborough and shopping and the Day Centre

Occasionally it is used at weekends – two people use it fairly regularly on a Sunday to take their spouses home for Sunday lunch to give them a break from residential care. Whereas there are a few slots free during the week when we could take other passengers who maybe need a trip to the hospital or dentist, our main problem is finding sufficient drivers.

Most of our drivers also drive their own cars for CHAIN or drive the Handybus and we do feel there are times when we test their good nature to the limit by asking them to drive more often than we would like.

We really could do with more people who are willing and able to transport those in a wheelchair and who have a few hours free during the week in which they are able to do this. You do not have to volunteer to drive on a regular basis – even one drive a month would be a great help. There is no age limit to driving the Chairman and there is a winch to load and unload the wheelchair.

All that is needed is a clean driving licence and a few hours a week or month that you could spare. CHAIN would very much appreciate any help you could give, and if you would like more information please click on the contacts list on the left.
Thank you.

If you would like to have a trial run before committing yourself further to CHAIN, please contact the office (open Mon to Fri 9am to11am) and they will be delighted to arrange it for you.

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