Lovely left-overs?

hungerford food festival

If left-overs mean a curly cheese sandwich to you – then you might consider watching a prize left-overs recipe being cooked live this year's Hungerford Food Festival.

Recipes from folk who have a clever trick or two for a spot of cast aside curry and spirals of spurned spaghetti and who can turn a few stale crumbs into nuggets of foodie gold have been entered in this competition and the winning recipes will be cooked by their creators – or a handy chef from Love Food, Hate Waste – in the Town Hall on Sunday (Sept 29th).

Both savoury and sweet left-over recipes will be judged from entrants in either the 11-16 or 17+ adult age groups.

If you miss this culinary experience, the winning recipe will be available from the event sponsor's web site

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