Cheers of approval for 'The new' Bear

The Bear has re-opened its doors to reveal its new layout and décor – to the approval of its first customers after its extensive refurbishment. And Hugh Pihlens, of Hungerford’s Historical Association and Virtual Museum, together with Tony Barry were amongst the first to raise their glasses in appreciation of this great old hotel’s new look.

“The work is sympathetic to this old building. “ said Hugh, “ there are many details which show a lot of thought and care. The use of space is now much better and the choice of furniture, like the high tables in the bar area, is very good.”

“It feels like a pub, it has the right atmosphere, “ added Tony.

After weeks of work and some local speculation, the ‘new’ Bear also found appreciation from Jane Welch and Karen Henson from one of Hungerford’s largest companies – ADP.

Musing over the menu, Jane observed that the food choice is extensive and priced to be accessible to everyone. Her colleague, Karen, felt that The Bear is now a good new ambassador for Hungerford.

“I didn’t really know The Bear before its refit so I can speak as a newcomer when I say that whatever has been done here is really very good. It all works well and is obviously a good place to come to.”

After meeting his tight building works deadline, retraining his team, showing off his revitalised hotel to local VIPs and hosting a launch evening for all the staff, joint general manager Damian Calvarese said to Hungerford Townsite: “I told you we’d make it on schedule and we have, everyone has worked really hard to make this day happen. It’s just great!”

Hugh Pihlens and Tony Barry toast The Bear’s re-opening with a good pint

ADP’s Jane Welch and Karen Henson savour the menu – they chose the hoi-sin duck by the way!

Ready to show off its new look – The Bear on re-opening day.

Cosy and spacious – The Bear is remodelled in a traditional, comfortable and welcoming way.

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