Hungerford - A great place to live and visit

on 08 August 2013.

It seems we really do love Hungerford – according to a recent independent survey of town centre users over 90% of us think that Hungerford looks great. Many of us also value the variety of our shops – in fact our appreciation Hungerford’s range of shops beat the national average by a considerable margin.

The Hungerford survey compared Hungerford with other smaller UK towns – and it scores very highly for its attractiveness, variety, convenience, cleanliness, leisure and culture and ease of access.

The Hungerford Town plan

The Hungerford Town Plan, now issued in its scheduled 2013 update, reveals how our representatives and councillors have, are will be taking action to ensure Hungerford continues to progress as its residents prefer.

This refreshed version of the Town Plan builds on its origins from 2005 and subsequent revision in 2010. It is produces by the Hungerford Town Plan group which includes members of the public as well as representatives from the Town Council, the Town and Manor of Hungerford, the Chamber of Commerce and the Hungerford Environmental Action Team (HEAT).

The refresh process included public meetings, consultation with local schools and service providers and a comprehensive household survey.

In both previous plans and in the 2013 edition, the majority views of the town’s residents have remained pretty constant about the popular questions. Should Hungerford strive to maintain its traditional charm? Should the marsh, common land and countryside continue to be protected? Should we control traffic and reduce congestion? Should we manage housing growth and keep it within the town boundary?

The consensus answers to all these survey questions are not just ‘yes’ but a yes with majorities from 80 to 99%. Actually 100% of responders want traffic flow and congestion to be a primary concern in all planning considerations.

And we are keen on welcoming our tourists too – we’d like to see proper car parking for them, a suitable coach drop-off point and even some upgrades to our increasingly busy station. We’d like to ensure we as are litter-free as possible, that we continue to reflect our special position in the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and three-quarters of us want a tourist information centre and those brown road signs that indicate places of visitor interest.

Our preferences for living in Hungerford include keeping all health facilities close to the town centre, take measures to encourage more recycling, have permanent allotments, have more family-friendly places and get our shops to stock more locally produced foodstuffs.

If you haven’t seen a copy if the latest Hungerford Town Plan you can get it online here

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