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  • Food & Drink

    Is it because we Hungerford folk are pretty demanding in the food and drink department? Is it because of many thousands of national and international visitors expect the widest variety and best of meals when they are here? Or is because Hungerford can boast fine food and drink for any pocket that makes it just a good place for residents and visitors alike to eat and drink.

    Our special food shops, our cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels set high standards of quality and choice and competition keeps it that way.

    Then there our local food and drink producers – giving us some of the most glorious ingredients any home cook or professional chef could ask for.

    In this Food and Drink Channel, Hungerford Townsite will give all our eateries, ‘drinkeries’ and retailers an opportunity to tell us not only all the reasons we should be their customers but also to share their knowledge, tips, recipes, news and special events or offers. And as we have some very special chefs from take-away snacks and meals to very posh nosh indeed, their gust blogs should be every bit as interesting and exciting as their food!

  • Eliane by Night

    Tuesday, 25 October 2016.

    Fans of food with integrity who have been pleading with Eliane's to open in the evenings are finally getting their wish. Hungerford's most immaculately healthy (and most attractively staffed - where...

    Affordable organic products come to Hungerford

    Wednesday, 18 February 2015.

    If, like many of us you long to shop organic but find the cost prohibitive, then the Hungerford Environmental Action Team (HEAT) has the answer. ...

    Hungerford apple juice - Now on sale

    Tuesday, 26 November 2013.

    Yes, Hungerford’s very own labelled apple juice is now on sale. In the time after those sunny late summer days of the Hungerford Food Festival the local ‘My Apple Juice Project’ has pressed tho...

    Ladies Who Brunch...

    Tuesday, 13 August 2013.

    Ladies Who Brunch became The Mad Hatters at The Halfway Inn – this group of ladies meet regularly for a spot of brunch and each event supports a charity; this time the ladies learned all abo...

    French & continental market Hungerford July 19th

    Tuesday, 30 June 2015.

    French & continental market traders set for first visit to Hungerford town centre. SUMMER is here, and with it come the usual intoxicating colours, scents and sights associated with this time o...
    All Change at the Chamber
    On Thursday, 2nd March the Hungerford Chamber of Commerce held its AGM at the Three Swans to discuss findings from the recent Business Survey and what role the Chamber needs to play to best serve local businesses and retailers

    Come together
    Townsite has spent the six weeks since the start of 2017 canvassing members of the business community in Hungerford for their views on the state of our town. I

    Benyon helps to banish the blues
    Always a staunch and vocal advocate for mental health provision, West Berkshire's MP Richard Benyon recently attended the launch of Brighter Berkshire, a community-led initiative to make 2017 the Year of Mental Health in Berkshire.

    Your Library is about so much more than books
    Judging from the amount of community activity going in Hungerford Library, the council are going to have a hard time justifying its closure in their next round of swingeing cuts.

    Why live in Hungerford?
    Those of us who live here don't have to think twice, we love it and, you've had a job to persuade us to go elsewhere.

    Is now a good time to sell my house?
    It's the 64 million dollar question and one which solicits a variety of answers depending on the source, but there is broad consensus around a few key facts

    Hungerford Townsite, review and preview
    TOWNSITE has become the go-to destination for everything local.

    Amazing travel deals - Hot or Cold
    If you're prepared to get out of the blocks quick, there are some extraordinary travels deals to be had in 2017.

    The Resolutions Revolution
    Many of us make doomed resolutions for the New Year; we are going to get fit, join a gym or give up smoking and swearing.

    Get married for free
    With the cost of weddings spiralling and the inevitable battles about who to invite, couples are opting to marry abroad in greater numbers than ever before

    A life lived in full colour
    Call it time of year or time of life, but we have been feeling a little jaded of late in the Townsite offices.

    Beavers on the endangered list
    Berkshire Scouts are desperately trying to recruit new leaders for their 1st Hungerford Beaver Colony.

    Weekday Rental Property, North End near Newbury
    Significantly more affordable, and indeed comfortable, than a hotel or boarding house, this extremely well presented two-bedroom cottage is an ideal opportunity for those who make a weekly commute to the Newbury are

    Food glorious day
    In photos, Hungerford's 2016 food festival packs out in glorious October sunshine

    Townsite Goes to Marlborough
    After a year in the planning, Townsite Marlborough has just gone live! The success of the Hungerford Townsite prompted Marlborough residents and businesses to ask us when we could do the same for their gorgeous and quintessentially English market town.

    Walks in around Hungerford
    Walking in the beautiful areas of outstanding natural beauty in and around Hungerford is a very special experience. Throughout the summer, we will be publishing details of some of the best and favourite walks in the town and its surrounding villages and countryside

    Hungerford – A great English destination town
    Hungerford has a timeless quality that is essentially very English – it is like an idyllic town created for TV – except, of course it is very real,” says our MP, Richard Benyon

    Hungerford – such a beautiful place to live and we love it!
    Hungerford is internationally famous for being a beautiful place to visit and, as it sits at the centre of the North Wessex Downs, it is in a beautiful location too. And according to a recent survey of Hungerford residents, we really care about our town and surrounding countryside with 98% of us in favour of keeping the town's traditional character and 99% of us want to protect the Marsh, the Common and all our surrounding countryside.